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Litter is harmful to humans animals, and the environment. Animals get entangled in it or eat it, which is unhealthy. It also attracts vermin and pollutes the soil. Fortunately, together we can do something to reduce litter. We list the 5 most important tips!

Tip 1: Put waste in the bin 

Never put rubbish bags next to the containers. This will prevent litter and pests. Make sure rubbish fits in the bin to avoid problems when emptying. Do not put rubbish next to the containers. You will pay high disposal fees for doing so.

Tip 2: Report attached waste  

Do you see rubbish next to a container? Report it to your local council or Waardlanden. Give the container number on your report. This number can be found at the top left of the container.

Tip 3: Manage bulky waste smartly

Bring bulky waste to the waste disposal site or make a bulky waste appointment to have it collected. Do not put bulky waste on the street without an appointment.

Tip 4: Keep litter under control

Throw rubbish in bins on the road, even small items like chewing gum and cigarette butts. If there is no bin nearby, take small waste home.

Tip 5: Don't feed birds 

Do not feed bread to birds, it is unhealthy for them and attracts pests such as rats. Throw old bread in the GFT container.

Together, we ensure a litter-free and clean environment!

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