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Buying a real Christmas tree, bringing it into the house and putting it up has been a long-standing tradition for many people. A Christmas tree creates a cosy warm atmosphere and is the symbol of the festive season for many people. Yet there are plenty of other options that are just as atmospheric as a real Christmas tree.

Traditional Christmas trees usually come from conifers. These trees take many years to grow and are often discarded after only a few weeks of use. Millions of trees are cut down for them every year worldwide, while trees are desperately needed in the fight against climate change. Also, transporting such a tree from the shop or grower to your home causes additional emissions of harmful gases. More sustainable alternatives can help reduce the environmental impact of Christmas trees.

Artificial Christmas tree

Artificial Christmas trees come in different sizes and styles. Pay attention to quality when buying. It is better to pay a little more for a good artificial Christmas tree that will last a long time. It is bad for the environment to have to buy a new tree after only a few years. Moreover, you will probably end up paying more. You buy a good artificial Christmas tree once and use it every year. 

Second-hand artificial Christmas tree 

It is even better to choose a second-hand artificial tree. Every year at thrift shops many artificial Christmas trees are handed in in our region. These are usually available for viewing and sale from mid-November.  

Wooden Christmas tree

More and more people are opting for a wooden Christmas tree. Wood is extremely recyclable. Therefore, wooden Christmas trees are less harmful to the environment than growing and felling traditional Christmas trees. The cost of a wooden Christmas tree may be slightly higher than for a real Christmas tree. But a wooden Christmas tree is reusable and will last for years. Of course, you can also decorate a wooden Christmas tree beautifully and always customise it to your liking.

Christmas tree on the wall

Do you have limited space or want something different? Bring the Christmas spirit into your home with a wall Christmas tree. 

  • There are special Christmas wall hangings for sale with razor-sharp photos as well as small LED lights. Beautiful, durable and also very atmospheric when the cosy lights are on.  
  • Or choose a wall sticker in the shape of a Christmas tree that you simply stick on your wall and remove without damage. Ideal in small homes.  
  • Using branches, cardboard, an LED light garland, fabrics or string, create the shape of a Christmas tree on the wall and decorate it with atmospheric LED lights and ornaments. Or choose a pretty Christmas wreath or other decorations instead of a traditional tree. Just as atmospheric and no tree needs to be cut down for it. 
  • Are you creative? Then make your own advent calendar by hanging envelopes with some goodies or a nice wish on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.  

Still prefer a real tree?

Would you still prefer a real Christmas tree at home? Buy your Christmas tree then within a radius of no more than 10 kilometres from your home, so that you do not have to drive unnecessary distances. Choose a Christmas tree with a large root ball in a pot and give it plenty of water. Do not let the tree dry out, as this reduces its chances of survival and increases the risk of fire. If you take good care of the tree, you can plant it in your garden after the holidays and use it again next year. 

Rent or adopt a Christmas tree

Don't have a garden or no space in your garden? Or would you rather not plant a Christmas tree in your garden after the holidays? In more and more places, you can rent or adopt. These trees are grown in pots. About 90 per cent of the trees survive the rental period. This extends the life of the trees and reduces the harmful impact on the environment. Rental trees are rented out 3 to 5 times as Christmas trees. After the holidays, you return the tree and the grower replants your tree to take care of it for another year or replants it for life. Would you rather buy a tree without a root ball? There are growers who, for every Christmas tree sold without a root ball, sell several new trees or adopt Christmas tree planting in the forest.  

Christmas tree collection Waardlanden

This year too, Waardlanden is providing the collection of traditional Christmas trees. You will soon find more information about this on this website. Do you have a Christmas tree that will not go into your garden or back to the grower? Then always hand it in at an environmental street or at a collection point in your neighbourhood. Christmas trees are not waste and are recycled into compost and green gas. They are also shredded into ground cover in stables.