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Want to separate your fruit, vegetable, garden and food waste (VGF) without any unpleasant odours? Our environmental coaches share six handy tips to ensure your GFT container stays clean and fresh.

Tip 1: Keep it cool and shady

Place your GFT container in the shade as much as possible, away from direct sunlight. Keeping it cool reduces the risk of unpleasant odours. This will keep your container fresh, even on the hottest days.

Tip 2: Rinse occasionally

Give your GFT container a refreshing rinse every now and then. Use plain water and possibly a little green soap to rinse away all leftovers. A clean container is a fresh container.

Tip 3: Place a newspaper at the bottom

Avoid caked-on food residues by placing a newspaper at the bottom of your GFT container. This will keep the bottom of your container clean and fresh, without sticky residue.

Tip 4: Pack food waste smartly

Use compostable GFT bags with the germplasm logo or OK compost logo. Only these bags are allowed in the kitchen and garden waste. You can also wrap your meat, fish and other food waste in newspaper before putting it in the container. This prevents leaks and keeps your container nice and clean.

Tip 5: Drain wet leftovers

Drain wet food scraps well before throwing them in the container. It is also smart to let cut grass dry for a day first. This will prevent too much moisture in the container, which can cause unpleasant odours.

Tip 6: Empty before departure

Going on holiday? Then make sure you have your GFT container emptied before you leave. That way you won't come home to a nasty surprise. An empty container is the first step to coming home clean and fresh.

With these simple tips from our environmental coach, you can keep your GFT container clean and fresh, without any unpleasant odours. Together, we take a step towards a waste-free and clean environment.

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