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Every day, we use many electrical appliances that make our lives easier. But what do you do with appliances you no longer use? Recycle them! That's how you help the environment.

A still working device

Sell it, give it away or take it to the thrift store. Someone else may be happy with it. Tumble dryers, fridges and freezers are better to hand in because of their high power consumption or take them to the environmental centre for free recycling using the environmental pass.

A big old or broken appliance

Take advantage of the old-for-new scheme. When buying a new appliance, you can return your old one for free. You can take the old appliance to the shop or have it taken with you when it is delivered. Of course, you can also take it with your environmental pass to the waste disposal site bring.

A small electrical appliance

Appliances not exceeding 25 cm can be handed in at special bins in over three thousand shops, such as DIY stores and supermarkets. Check for all return points. Large electronics shops should also take these small appliances, even if you don't buy anything new. Or bring them to the environmental street for free with your environmental pass.

Contributing to a waste-free and clean future has never been easier!

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