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In the winter months, the mercury sometimes drops well below zero. This can cause problems when emptying your container. In this article, you will find tips to reduce the risk of freezing.

The collection truck picks up your container, holds it upside down and shakes it firmly up and down. If the contents do not come loose (completely) due to freezing, waste remains in your container. Freezing occurs mainly in the container for vegetable, fruit and garden waste (VFG), because its contents contain a lot of water.

Tips to reduce the risk of freezing

  • Use a batten or stick to hold the lid of your container slightly open. Then the lid will not freeze.
  • Use special compostable GFT collection bags to collect your GFT in, or put a thin layer of newspaper at the bottom of the container.
  • Allow wet GFT to drain or dry as much as possible before putting it in the container.
  • Do not stamp the waste.
  • Until the time of offering, keep the container under a shelter or in the shed.
  • Are the contents frozen anyway? Then carefully poke the contents loose from the sides with a long object. Do this carefully. When it is cold, the material of the container is extra vulnerable.
  • Do not put salt or antifreeze in the container. This contaminates the contents of the container and interferes with the composting process. Moreover, antifreeze is harmful to the environment.

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