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It is important to know that e-cigarettes and vapes do not belong in the residual waste. These devices contain batteries that can cause fires if disposed of incorrectly. Fortunately, there are several ways to dispose of them responsibly.

Where can you return your e-cigarette or vape?

  • Drop-off points: Many supermarkets, DIY stores and electronics shops have drop-off points for electronic devices, including e-cigarettes and vapes. You can safely leave these devices there for recycling.
  • When buying a new: If you buy a new e-cigarette or vape, ask if the shop is willing to take in your old device for recycling. This is a convenient way to ensure that your old device is disposed of responsibly.
  • Environmental street: Take your old e-cigarettes and vapes to your local environmental centre for safe disposal. This way, they will be recycled properly and you will prevent damage to the environment.

It is important to stress that you should never throw your e-cigarette in the rubbish. Besides the risk of fire, batteries contain valuable materials that can be recycled. By disposing of them properly, you contribute to the conservation of precious resources and reduce the risk of environmental pollution.

Together, let's take responsibility for a cleaner environment and our health. By safely returning e-cigarettes and vapes, we can ensure that these electronic devices are recycled in an eco-friendly way and do not cause harm to our environment. Get involved and return your e-cigarettes safely!

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