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Glass is a material used in many different ways in our daily lives, from drinking glasses to packaging materials and decorative pieces. But did you know that not all glass belongs in the same place when it comes to recycling? Here is a handy overview to know where different types of glass belong for proper recycling.

Tea glass, glass vase or baking dish

Although it may be surprising, tea glasses, glass vases and oven dishes do not belong in the ordinary glass container. These glasses are not packaging and may have a different composition that interferes with glass recycling. If they are still in good condition, it is best to give them away or take them to the recycling bin for reuse.

Photo frame

Glass from picture frames does not belong in the ordinary bottle bank either. You can hand this in for free at the recycling centre. This way, the glass is processed and reused properly.

Beer bottle

Beer bottles are a common form of glass waste. If they have a deposit, you can easily hand them in at the supermarket to be cleaned and reused. Beer bottles without a deposit do belong in the bottle bank for recycling.


Broken or old mirrors cannot just go with the regular glass waste. Instead, bring them free of charge to the environmental centre for proper disposal. This way, they can be recycled responsibly.

Wine bottle or jam jar

All translucent packaging glasses, such as wine bottles and jam jars, belong in the bottle bank for recycling. Just make sure the packaging is empty before throwing it away. Lids and caps can stay on.

Flat glass

Car windows, window glass and other flat glass are not suitable for the ordinary bottle bank. You can take this type of glass free of charge to the environmental street, where there are special containers for recycling flat glass.

So each type of glass has its own place to recycle. By being aware of where each piece of glass belongs, together we can contribute to a waste-free and greener future.

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