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Do you have an old mattress or topper you want to get rid of? No worries! Bring it to the recycling centre for free.  

Free drop-off at the environmental centre for recycling 

There is a special container at the waste disposal site where you can leave your old mattress or topper. Your mattress or topper contains valuable raw materials that can be recycled. By bringing your old mattress or topper to the waste disposal site, you help protect the environment. Does your old mattress or topper not fit in your car? Then you can buy a free trailer borrow.  

Collection of your mattress or topper at home 

Can't bring it yourself? No problem! You can also online make an appointment for collection and pay directly with iDeal. Bulky waste that you have collected from your home is residual waste and will be incinerated. A shame, because bulky household waste contains many valuable materials that can be reused. With a fee on this collection service, the municipalities encourage you to sort your bulky waste and deliver it separately to the waste disposal site.