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Are you a lover of cooking but sometimes get stressed by that pile of fruit, vegetable and food (GFT) waste on the kitchen counter? Don't panic! With a handy kitchen bin, you can get rid of that VGF waste in no time. Just throw it all away in one go with your environmental card, free of charge, in the VGF waste container in your neighbourhood or in the VGF waste container near your home. So no extra costs. Cook with ease and a green conscience.

Keep GFT separate with compostable bags 

Want to keep GFT separate effortlessly? Then use a handy food waste bin with compostable bags on your kitchen counter. This way, you can easily dispose of food waste and prevent it from ending up in the residual waste.

Dispose of GFT free of charge

Good news! You can dispose of the full compostable bags for free in your neighbourhood GFT container with the environment card. Do you have a VGF container at home? The compostable bags keep it nice and clean. Plastic does not belong with VGF waste. So pay close attention to the logo on the compostable bag to make sure you are using the right bag. You can recognise the bags by the Kiemplant logo or the OK compost logo.

From kitchen to compost

Did you know that if you keep kitchen and garden waste separated from residual waste, it is recycled into biogas and compost? Compost is good for the garden and the land, while biogas is an eco-friendly alternative to natural gas. When GFT ends up with residual waste, it is burnt and not recycled. So we lose that VGF waste forever. By keeping your VGF waste separate, you are helping to create a cleaner world. 

Wondering what is and isn't allowed in kitchen and garden waste?

For your convenience, we have the segregation rules for GFT listed. So you know exactly what does and does not belong in the GFT container. 

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