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Important warning: be careful with mercury! GGD warns about the dangers of mercury in old thermometers and barometers. Mercury is not only toxic but also difficult to dispose of. Avoid health risks and high costs by disposing of your mercury meter safely!


Tip 1: Check your home

Do you still have an old thermometer or barometer with mercury? Be sure and check if you have this risk in your home.


Tip 2: Safe packaging  

If your mercury meter breaks, there could be major consequences. Carefully wrap the broken meter in double plastic. This will prevent the mercury from spreading.


Tip 3: Go to the waste disposal site

To get rid of mercury responsibly, bring your safely packed mercury meter to the small chemical waste (MSW) at the environmental centre free of charge.


Tip 4: Avoid mercury poisoning

Barometers, in particular, contain a lot of mercury. Mercury vapour can cause serious health problems, especially in pregnant women and children.


Tip 5: Avoid high costs 

Mercury is difficult to dispose of and can lead to significant costs. Save yourself trouble and dispose of it safely.

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