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Summer inflatables are made of soft PVC, which is easy to recycle. You can hand in broken or leaky summer inflatables separately at one of our environmental centres for recycling during the months of July, August and September.

Broken inflatable products are now thrown in the residual or bulky waste, ending up as residual waste in the incinerator. This is not only bad for the environment, but we also lose important raw materials. These products are made of soft PVC, which is easy to recycle. By returning them separately, they can be processed into raw materials to make new products such as garden hoses, shoe soles, slippers and even roofing materials. In the months of July, August and September, you can hand in inflatable articles separately at one of our waste recycling centres. This way, inflatable articles get a second life as raw material for a new product.  

What is allowed in the container for inflatables?

All inflatable items made of soft PVC are allowed in the separate container for inflatable items. This means all inflatable items used for water fun.
If your answer is YES to the following 2 questions, then your item may go into the special container: 

  • Can you blow up your article? 
  • Do you use it on the beach or by the pool? 

Examples of inflatable soft PVC articles

  • beach balls

  • swimming bands

  • small floats

  • inflatable figures

  • air beds (unless they have a velour or velvet layer on them)

What should not go in the container for inflatable items

  • balloons

  • footballs

  • large (inflatable) swimming pools 

Why don't summer inflatables belong in pmd?

PMD includes all packaging made of plastic or metal and all beverage containers. Inflatable articles are not packaging, but utensils. Because their composition is different, they do not belong to pmd. The recycling plant where pmd goes cannot process leaky beach balls or air mattresses. It can even cause pmd rejects and malfunctions in the installation. So do not put inflatable items with the pmd, but hand them in separately at one of our waste recycling points in July, August and September. In this way, we are moving together towards a clean environment and waste-free future.