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Plastic (plastic) can be well recycled. That is why we collect it separately at the environmental centres. Bulky plastic is plastic products that are not packaging. The pmd container is for plastic packaging, metal (cans) and beverage containers only.

You can offer bulky plastic at one of the environmental centres.

What belongs where?

Well at the plastic

Hard plastic, such as:

  • garden chairs
  • laundry baskets
  • tables
  • crates
  • toy
  • CD covers

Not at the plastic

At the pmd

Plastic containers (empty) of food, personal care products and cleaning products, such as:

  • bottles for e.g. soft drinks, water, milk and yoghurt
  • packaging of cheese, meat and fish
  • bags for pasta and rice, for example
  • tubs for e.g. butter, sauce and cheese spread
  • shampoo bottles
  • bags
  • tubes
  • squeeze bottles