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Garden and pruning waste that is too large for the GFT container (larger than 50 cm) falls under prunings. Small garden waste (up to 50 cm) is vegetable, fruit and garden (VGF) waste.

What belongs where?

Well by the prunings

  • shrub taller than 50 cm
  • prunings larger than 50 cm
  • branches longer than 50 cm

Not with the prunings

  • grass sods with adhering soil
  • wooden posts and fences
  • prunings smaller than 50 cm
  • bushes smaller than 50 cm
  • branches up to 50 cm in length

How to offer?

  • Participation in the branch route is possible only if you have made a collection appointment in advance.
  • Place the prunings bundled at the edge of the public road by 7.30 am on the agreed day.
  • Make manageable bundles that our drivers can easily lift.
  • The bundles are up to 1.25 metres long and weigh 25 kilos.
  • The thickness of the branches is maximum one wrist thickness; no stumps.
  • Do not offer boxes or bags of prunings or other garden waste.
  • Maximum 2 m³ per provider.

Tree stumps, grass sods with attached soil, wooden poles and fence material are not prunings. You cannot offer these for the branch route.