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Kleurkader_-_Textiel_-_Scherm_copy_copy_copy.pngTextiles you no longer wear and use yourself can be offered at one of the environmental centres or a collection container especially for textiles in your neighbourhood. Worn and broken fabrics are also allowed there. For example, clothes, shoes, coats, sheets, towels and curtains.

What belongs where?

Well with textiles

  • clothing, such as: shirts, pullovers, shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, socks and jackets

  • footwear, such as: shoes, boots, trainers, trainers, flip-flops and sandals (per pair combined)

  • accessories, such as: belts, ties, hats and caps

  • bed textile, such as: duvet covers, sheets and blankets

  • curtains and net curtains

  • kitchen and bathroom textiles, such as: towels, tea towels and flannels

  • rags

Not with textiles

  • floor coverings and carpets (to the waste disposal site)

  • mattresses (to the recycling centre), duvets and pillows (to the recycling centre or with residual waste) 

  • clippings and filling material

  • wet or dirty clothes, e.g. contaminated with oil or paint (in residual waste)

Textiles that are still good are reused. Thrift shops or second-hand shops welcome clothes, shoes and accessories that are still good. If the textiles can no longer be worn or used, the materials are recycled. For example, cleaning rags and insulation material are made from them.
Increasingly, recycled fibres are being incorporated into new fabrics. Thanks to textile recycling, discarded textiles thus get a second life and do not become waste. Recycling is possible if discarded textiles are collected separately from residual waste: clean and dry. One bag of VGF or residual waste in a textile container can make an entire container unsuitable for recycling. Help out and only collect clean and well-packaged textiles.

From dust to raw material

Watch the journey of your old t-shirt in this video. 


Thrift shops

You can also bring reusable textiles to a thrift shop yourself. You will find an overview of thrift shops in the region here.