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Wood is excellent for recycling. It is split into 'clean wood' and 'contaminated wood' for recycling and reuse.

Wood is recycled as much as possible. In doing so, we take three categories into account:

  • untreated wood
    This is clean wood and is highly recycled.
  • treated wood
    This is wood of slightly lower quality and is used to make pallets or for co-firing in power plants.
  • impregnated wood
    This is contaminated wood and contains substances that can be harmful to the environment. Therefore, this wood is not recycled but burnt in waste-to-energy plants.

You can offer wood at one of the environmental centres.

What belongs where?

Clean wood

  • untreated wood: not painted, varnished or treated. E.g. slats, boards, posts, beams
  • painted wood. For example, doors and window frames
  • chipboard, fibreboard and plywood
  • mdf

This wood belongs in the container for 'clean wood - non-impregnated'.

Contaminated wood

  • garden wood (treated)
  • sleepers or impregnated wood
  • stumps
  • prunings
  • Wolmanised or CCA wood

This wood belongs in the container for 'garden wood - impregnated'. Except prunings: these belong in the special container for prunings.