As a resident of our municipalities, you can have your bulky household waste collected from your home. Bulky household waste is often discarded items in your home that you do not take to a thrift shop. 

These include, for example, a table, chair or cupboard, a broken bicycle, a washing machine or fridge. With the form below you can submit a bulky waste notification. This is your request to have bulky waste collected from your home. You can also make a bulky waste report in the Waardlanden app.

Conditions for bulky household waste collection

To make collection quick and easy, do the following:

  • Make sure your waste is at the public road by 7.30am on the agreed collection day. Make sure there are no obstacles such as trees, cars and lampposts in the way. The place should be accessible and provide enough space for our trucks.
  • Do not put bulky household waste on your own property or at the collection containers (environmental parks).
  • Make sure loose materials are bundled by type.
    • Maximum length per bundle: 1.5 metres.
    • Maximum weight per bundle: 25 kg.
    • Separate old iron and electrical appliances from bulky household waste
  • You may offer a maximum of 2 m³ at a time.

Note that no bulky household waste is:

These products and materials can be bring to one of our environmental centres. You cannot have them collected from your home.