Our mission: "Together towards a clean environment and waste-free future"

Driven and proud, every day we put our knowledge and expertise to work for a clean environment. We do this for you, us and future generations. We provide good service and are happy to help. With our craftsmanship, we are visible in your neighbourhood.
Together with residents, government and organisations, we devise sustainable and smart services and solutions. We inspire by working together, sharing knowledge and setting a waste-free example.
In this way, we want to contribute to a sustainable society, where everyone enjoys living and where waste no longer exists. With each other and for each other.


Our four core values

  • Driven

    We roll up our sleeves and put our shoulders to the wheel when necessary. We help each other and give our all. We have passion for our profession. We are proud of our company and what we stand for.
  • Sincerely

    Clear language. Everything can be asked and said. Nothing needs to remain unsaid as long as we do so in a respectful manner.
  • Reliable

    We do what we promise and can rely on each other. We are open and transparent in what we do.
  • Helpful

    You can count on us. We listen, think with you and help where we can. We make each other and residents feel that we want to be there for them.

Our strategy

We are working on our future. For the coming years, we have a strategy with ambitious targets. For instance, we are transforming into a sustainable and waste-free company with a high service for raw materials collection. We aim for 60 per cent waste separation by 2025 and give people a suitable place to work.
> Discover more in the strategy note

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