With the litter card, you can dispose of collected litter free of charge in a residual waste container in your neighbourhood. You dispose of your private residual waste in your residual waste container or with the environmental pass in the residual waste collection container.

The following applies to the use of the litter pass:

  • The details you provide when you apply for a litter pass will be used by Waardlanden to register you as a litter volunteer. This data is kept by us. We use this data to keep you informed of news and developments concerning litter, among other things.

  • Waardlanden records the deposits you make with the litter pass. We use this data to check whether you use the litter pass in accordance with the terms of use. To investigate Waardlanden's use and policy objectives with the litter pass, Waardlanden produces reports containing the recorded deposits.

  • Would you like more information on how Waardlanden processes personal data around waste collection? Please visit

  • Waardlanden issues litter passes to litter volunteers. These volunteers contribute to a clean living environment and carry out litter campaigns for this purpose.

You agree to the following conditions:

  • You only use the litter pass to dispose of the litter you pick up from public areas in a residual waste collection container.

  • Waardlanden provides a maximum of one litter pass per household; only adult residents can apply for a litter pass.

  • It is prohibited to deposit private residual waste or other people's residual waste using the litter pass.

  • The litter pass remains the property of Waardlanden.

  • The litter pass does not give access to the environmental centres.

  • You may not dispose of chemical or other hazardous waste in a collection container. You should report this waste to your municipality or to Waardlanden.

  • Do not dump bulky waste in a collection container; this can block the insertion opening. You should report this waste to your local council or to Waardlanden.

  • Waardlanden may approach you for evaluation interviews, at which point we will discuss the use of the pass.

  • Don't use the litter pass for more than 6 months? Then we will block the pass. 

  • In case of suspected misuse or other improper use, Waardlanden may block and confiscate the litter pass.

  • If your litter pass is lost or stolen, please contact Waardlanden immediately to have your pass blocked. This is to prevent misuse.

  • If you can no longer or no longer wish to be a litter picker, please unsubscribe from Waardlanden and send the litter pass without a stamp to:

    Reply number 248
    4200 VB  Gorinchem