Many residents have questions about the new waste and resources policy, waste separation and waste charges. This is understandable. That is why you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the litter pass here.

Do you have another question? Ask us your question. We will do our best to answer your question to the best of our ability. And you help complete this list of frequently asked questions right away.

No. For this, you can apply for the special litter pass. With this pass, from 1 January 2024 you will be able to open the collection containers for residual waste free of charge in order to dispose of collected litter. The introduction of the recycling tariff in Gorinchem, Hardinxveld-Giessendam and Molenlanden will therefore not make you pay more to dispose of shredded litter. You only pay for offering your own household residual waste. The recycling tariff will not apply to residents of Vijfheerenlanden in 2024. This municipality will decide on the recycling tariff after an evaluation on the effects of the other measures. 

Contact our environmental coaches at They will process your application. You will receive an application form by e-mail to apply for the litter pass and the terms of use. This is because we like to make clear agreements in advance with each litter picker about the use of the litter pass.

Yes. We use the details you provide when you apply for the litter pass to officially register you as a litter picker. We keep the details you provided when you applied. We will also keep you informed of news and developments concerning litter. 

Yes. We make reports of all recorded deposits made by litter pickers using the litter pass. The use of the litter pass gives us a complete picture of the number of deposits made by litter pickers in our entire catchment area. The litter pass also allows you to dispose of litter picked up in the municipality of Gorinchem, Hardinxveld-Giessendam and Molenlanden. You cannot do this with your environment pass. You use the environment pass, once activated for this purpose, to dispose of your own household residual waste in a collection container for residual waste in your neighbourhood.