Everything you throw in the residual waste is incinerated. And is thus not reusable. That is a shame. By separating waste properly, you do not throw away reusable raw materials. Will you help us separate waste and raw materials even better?

Which products and materials can you separate?

Click here for an overview of all products and materials that Waardlanden collects for you. Choose a product or material and you will discover more about:

  • How to get rid of them
  • Where it can
  • How they are processed or recycled
  • What is made of it

Easily and quickly know what belongs where?

Download this handy separation guide and print and store it in your kitchen. This way, you will always know which bin to put your raw materials and waste in.

Go to the Waste sorting guide from Milieu Centraal. Type in the product or material you are looking for and instantly see how you can recycle it.

Tips and advice on separating waste

Less residual waste and proper waste separation is sometimes quite a challenge. That is why our environmental coaches are happy to help you with tips and advice.

> Check out tips from our environmental coaches


Overview of products and materials