Do you ever doubt which bin a product or material belongs in? The separation guide on this page will help!

Residents of a flat, upstairs flat and houses without 3 types of containers will be allowed to dispose of plastic packaging, metal packaging and drink cartons (pmd) in a neighbourhood residual waste collection container after the introduction of the environmental card. This waste will be collected separately and later sorted by machines. As a result, we can recycle more and need to incinerate less residual waste. Residents of low-rise houses with a pmd container do separate pmd at home.

Always the separation guide at hand

With the handy Waardlanden app, you always have the separation guide to hand. You can download the Waardlanden app onto your smartphone yourself. This way you will always have all information on waste and raw materials to hand. You will also find your personal waste calendar in the app. And you can quickly and easily file reports, make a bulky waste appointment and order bags. Download the app here!

Do you prefer a paper separation guide?

You can view, download and print the waste separation guide. Then you can hang it up in a handy place at home. Then you can quickly see what belongs where. 

Download the handy separation guide.