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Bulky waste, also known as bulky household waste, refers to items in your home such as a broken chair and discarded table. These are items and materials that should not or do not fit in your residual waste container or in the collection containers nearby. And items that you can no longer get repaired, sell, give away or take to a thrift shop. 

You can take bulky waste yourself to one of our recycling points or have it collected from your home. For this you can make a bulky waste appointment online.

Give household goods and other items a second life

Is your old furniture, books, CDs and the like still usable? Sell them, give them away or bring them to the circle. Are they broken? Get them repaired at a workshop or repair café or have your old or broken appliance taken away by the supplier delivering your new appliance. Items and materials that can be reused go to recycling companies. 


Never put bulky waste next to a container. The cost is €206.50 per offence.