Waardlanden handles waste and raw materials collection for the municipalities of Gorinchem, Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Molenlanden and Vijfheerenlanden.

For you and over 64,000 other households, we make it as easy as possible to separate your waste into recyclable raw materials. We transport collected raw materials to specialised companies that make them suitable for reuse in various production processes and applications. Residual waste goes to modern incinerators that generate energy. At Waardlanden, we have modern trucks, sweepers and passenger cars to collect your waste, clean roads, grit against slipperiness and control weeds.


By taking cleaning out of the municipalities' hands and working across municipal borders, collection, sweeping and gritting routes have been optimised. The trolleys go into the region in a targeted way, working efficiently and effectively. Many common services are used by the entire region.

High quality of service

Our primary task is to take care of cleaning and waste disposal for municipalities. In doing so, we focus on providing residents with good service. The fact that quality comes first is reflected in our wide range of services. For example, we have extra service vehicles driving around the region every day so that we can always respond flexibly, we take care of cleaning after events, you can request a new or extra container free of charge and order PMD bags online.

Employment of people distant from the labour market

Our organisation is socially aware and socially committed. We offer work to people of various work and thinking levels, including people distanced from the labour market. In doing so, we work closely with the municipalities and organisations in our region.

Implementation tasks

We look after the municipalities' implementation tasks for waste cleaning, collection and disposal. This task includes the day-to-day maintenance and management of buildings, waste recycling centres and collection equipment, as well as looking after the processing of household waste. At the request of one or more municipalities, we also take care of the waste removal or cleaning, such as littering, smoothing and weed control. Finally, we are tasked with commercial waste collection and disposal.

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Providing good service and achieving optimal waste separation are supported by automation. The Waardlanden app, integrated into the website, allows residents to arrange and look up many waste and raw materials separation matters online. This is how we help you separate your waste and reusable materials and products as easily as possible.

Online services

  • Waste separation guide: see which waste and raw materials belong where
  • Waste calendar: see when your waste and raw materials are collected
  • Plan: discover the nearest container
  • Online make an appointment for bulky household waste collection at home
  • Online file a report on waste, raw materials and waste collection: let us know if, for example, a container is broken, not working or if you see dumped waste somewhere
  • Ordering containers (depending on the policy at your address)