You pay waste substances levy for the costs incurred by your municipality and Waardlanden to collect and process household waste and raw materials. The waste collection levy is a charge levied by your municipality.

Together with your municipality, we do our utmost to keep collection and disposal costs manageable. Nevertheless, costs are rising. Reasons for this are:

  • Rates for residual waste disposal and central government taxes to burn residual waste continue to rise.
  • Inflation and rising fuel costs, among others, are increasing the cost of collection and processing.
  • GFT, pmd, glass and paper contain more and more pollution. It costs more and more to remove this pollution in order to (well) recycle these streams.

As a resident, there is little you can do about rising taxes and inflation. But you can separate your waste properly and cleanly. Gft without plastic, pmd without residual waste, clean and dry paper, clean textiles: your efforts are indispensable!

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For more information on the amount of waste collection charges, please contact your local council.