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Small chemical waste (MSW) is waste containing substances that are hazardous to health and the environment. This includes chemicals that are toxic, flammable or otherwise harmful. 

You can offer kca at one of the environmental centres. You can also take kca to the Kringlooplein bring in New Lekkerland.

What belongs where?

Well at the kca

  • batteries
  • batteries
  • stain
  • petrol
  • pesticides and insecticides
  • etching fluids, such as nitric acid and sulphuric acid
  • bicycle batteries
  • photofixer, photo developer
  • wood preservatives
  • hypodermic needles
  • paint softener, paint cleaner
  • mercury switches and mercury thermometers
  • lacquer
  • lamp oil
  • glue
  • medicines (old and surplus)
  • oil products, such as waste oil, lamp oil, motor oil, petroleum and brake oil
  • oil filters
  • energy-saving bulbs and low-energy (LED) lamps
  • fluorescent lamps
  • paint products such as paint stripper, brush cleaner, brush softener, white spirit, thinner, paint, paint thinner and benzene
  • liquid plunger
  • benzene
  • hydrochloric acid

Not with the kca

  • ammonia
  • cooking oil
  • bleach
  • floor polish
  • chlorine
  • cassette tapes
  • cosmetics, such as nail polish
  • frying fat
  • glazing agent
  • halogen lamps
  • copper polish
  • disinfectants and cleaners
  • spirit
  • toners (powder)
  • paint brushes with hardened paint
  • packaging (such as empty paint cans and buckets, benzene bottles and spray cans)
  • videotapes
  • silver polish

Offer conditions and tips kca

  • Hand over your kca to the manager of the environmental street.
  • Jars or other containers should be closed and have a sticker indicating which substance is in the jar.
  • You can sometimes drop off old or surplus medicines at a pharmacy. Check with your own pharmacy.
  • You can return batteries to all shops and companies that sell (products containing) batteries.
  • Energy-saving bulbs, LED bulbs and fluorescent tubes can be handed in at the recycling centre and in special containers at various shops (such as supermarkets and DIY stores).