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Pupils from five waste-free primary schools in Vijfheerenlanden are taking part in the Textile Competition from 6 to 17 November 2023. A competition in which as many as 620 pupils will collect as many textiles as possible for their school. They learn in a fun way what impact the clothing industry has on the environment and how we can save raw materials by reusing and recycling clothes.

The clothing industry is growing fast. We are buying more and more clothes and the quality is deteriorating. Producing, using and discarding textiles is hugely damaging to the environment. It causes extra CO2 emissions, pollution of soil and water and a mountain of plastic. As much as 169 million kilos of all textiles end up in the dustbin every year and then disappear into the incinerator. A huge waste that can easily be stopped. Time for action. On Thursday 2 November, alderman Joop van Montfoort of the Vijfheerenlanden municipality officially kicked off the Textile Competition at the Johannes Calvijn School in Leerdam.

Textile collection

Between 6 and 17 November 2023, pupils from the five waste-free primary schools will collect as many textiles as possible. Thanks to textile recycling, discarded textiles are given a second life and do not become waste. Clean and dry textiles that are still good can be reused. And if it is broken or worn out? Then the materials can be recycled. For example, clothes, towels, bedding, kitchen towels, curtains, stuffed animals, pieces of fabric and shoes. By taking part in the competition, schools are helping to reduce the impact of clothes on the environment. And also receive compensation of €0.20 per kilo for collected textiles.

Award ceremony

The winner of the Textile Competition will be announced on Monday 20 November 2023. The school that collects the most textiles per pupil will receive a double payment and tasty cakes as a reward. Councillor Ton van Maanen of Vijfheerenlanden municipality will host the prize-giving ceremony on Thursday 23 November at 09.30 at the winning school. The amount that pupils collect for their school will be used by the school itself. For example, for a fun activity or as a donation to one of the many good (sustainable) causes in the region.

Battle between five primary schools

In Vijfheerenlanden, five litter-free primary schools are taking part in the Textile Competition. In Hei- en Boeicop, it is CBS De Ontdekking. In Kedichem, OBS De Sterrenkijker is taking part in the competition and in Leerboek the Eben-Haëzer School. In Leerdam, CBS Juliana and the Johannes Calvijnschool are preparing for battle.


Opnieuw & Co and Waardlanden organise and facilitate the Textile Competition together with the Municipality of Vijfheerenlanden. They all have the same goal: reduce the amount of residual waste, reuse raw materials and teach children about recycling and sustainability in a fun way.