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In the quiet and green Alblasserwaard, a group of people once got together with a mission: to fight litter in the beautiful region. This is how environmental initiative The Plastic Guerrilla (DPG) was born six years ago. DPG leader Bram from der Wal is firmly and passionately committed to tackling pollution in our region and the future living environment of our children and grandchildren.

Growing strength

Of course, it does not do so alone. Armed with grabs and rubbish bags, the environmental group, together with fellow fighters and supporters, holds clean-up campaigns in polluted areas in our region throughout the year. 'Because every piece of litter picked up, brings us one step closer to a cleaner place,' says Plastic Guerrilla warrior Bram. 'It is so nice to see new fighters signing up with every action. From town to village, young and old, all determined to fight for our common cause.'

Education and future fighters

Thus, The Plastic Guerrilla continues to grow into a force that is unstoppable. Apart from the clean-up campaigns, the environmental group also educates in schools and participates in school projects on the importance of a clean living environment. In this way, young warriors are also encouraged to change the world.

Join The Plastic Geurrilla

Take action too and join The Plastic Guerrilla! Don't be a spectator, but a participant in the fight against litter. Then children and grandchildren can grow up in an environment that is clean and healthy. Wondering when the next plastic guerrilla will take place and how you can join in? Follow DPG on Facebook or see

This is how we are moving together towards a clean environment and waste-free future.