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Did you know that more than half of all electronic waste is still not recycled? A missed opportunity, as this waste is packed with valuable materials and resources. Fortunately, together we can do something about this! To emphasise the importance of recycling and to make it easier and more fun, Waardlanden is organising the E-waste Race from 11 March to 4 April. 

Towards a sustainable future 

It is important to make young generations aware and inspire them to actively contribute to a sustainable world. Pupils from ten primary schools from the municipalities of Gorinchem, Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Molenlanden and Vijfheerenlanden will engage in an exciting battle with each other under this banner: collecting as much electronic waste as possible. To prepare the pupils well, they will receive an inspiring and interactive guest lesson from experts before the start of the E-Waste Race. They will learn about topics such as consumerism, scarcity of raw materials, reuse and recycling.   

From awareness to action 

After the guest lesson, pupils spend four weeks collecting as many old and broken electronic devices as possible or taking them to local repair cafes for a new life. Old laptops and broken kitchen machines often end up unused in the attic. What many people do not know is that 95% of the parts of some appliances can be reused. 

Help out too!

The E-Waste Race not only encourages primary school pupils to actively engage in recycling, but also local residents. They can help the pupils by reporting electronic waste at Then students will come to your home to collect the items. Electronic waste are broken or old appliances that have a battery in them or a cord. Such as an old keyboard, broken kettle, old or broken cables and adapters. Ink cartridges, loose batteries and loose batteries do not fall under e-waste and are therefore not allowed to be handed in, you can hand these in at the environmental street. 

Battle between ten primary schools

The children receive points for e-waste collected. The school with the most points wins an all-expense paid school trip. In the municipality of Gorinchem, CBS de Regenboog (location Retranchement) and KBS Mariëngaarde are taking part in the competition. IKC Merwede, de Wonderwijzer, de Driemaster (location Pietersweer) and SmdB de Regenboog are participating in Hardinxveld-Giessendam. In Molenlanden, SmdB de Zaaier and the Eben-Haëzer school are preparing to compete and in Vijfheerenlanden, SmdB het Fundament and OBS de Springplank are doing so. Will they manage to collect even more e-waste this year than last year's impressive 22,782 devices? 

The E-Waste Race 

The E-waste Race will take place from 11 March to 4 April 2024. The race is an initiative of Waardlanden and HVC. They ensure that the collected e-waste reaches recyclers. Together, we strive for a waste-free and more sustainable future in which waste becomes new raw materials again.