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Sixty per cent less waste in our region by 2025! How? By preventing unnecessary waste. If waste does arise, we separate it by reusing or recycling it. This way, we do not waste raw materials and do not deplete the earth. We can only achieve this together. You can help too! In the Week Without Waste, we all take up the challenge of throwing away as little waste as possible. This week is the Week Without Waste. You can help with these tips.

1. 💡 Test your knowledge: take the Waste Separation Quiz  

Less waste and even better separation is important for the environment and the future of our planet. By separating waste better, we can reuse raw materials and reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment. Styrofoam, an empty pizza box or a broken drinking glass. Do you know what belongs in which bin? Do the quiz and find out what you already know about waste separation. At the end of the quiz, you will receive tailored advice to increase your knowledge.

2. 💡 Say 'no' to paper bags

Paper bags are no better for the environment than plastic bags. Paper bags you can usually only use once, as they tend to break faster. They also often have a layer of plastic, making them worse to recycle. it is best to bring a reusable bag, which is always better than a (free) bag that breaks quickly.

 3.💡 Return your broken appliances or have them repaired

By appliances, we mean anything with a plug or battery. Is an appliance broken? Then have it repaired at a Repair Café. Look for a Repair Café near you on our website. Is the appliance beyond repair? Then you can hand it in for free when you buy a new, similar appliance. You can also dispose of small appliances and smartphones in bins at shops and DIY stores. Or you can hand them in at the recycling centre. Take appliances you no longer use but which still work, to a charity shop or sell them on eBay. Nice and tidy!

 4.💡 Get rid of disposable, choose reusable

Thirsty on the go? Tap water! Not only 500 times cheaper than buying a bottle of water on the go. It also saves thousands of bottles. Refill on the go? You can do so at a free water tap. You will also find them more and more often at festivals.

Tip: You pay a deposit for plastic bottles. Therefore, return them to the supermarket or shop where you bought them. Then they will be recycled again.

 5.💡 'Long live your stuff' checklist

This checklist will help you get started if you are about to buy, use or get rid of something. Which points can you tick off?

✅ Choose reusable.

✅ See if you can borrow or swap it first.

✅ Make someone else happy: give away or sell.

✅ Try to fix what is broken.

✅ Pimp second-hand stuff.

✅ Consume: go for quality, avoid misbuying and disposables.

✅ Dispose of waste in the appropriate bin for recycling.


More tips? We are happy to help. Go to Help and tips