With the campaign Nice and tidy we want to make everyone aware of the need to reduce waste and separate it even better. Together with the municipalities of Gorinchem, Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Molenlanden and Vijfheerenlanden, we encourage residents to reduce waste and separate waste and important raw materials even better at home. This way, less residual waste remains to be incinerated and as many raw materials as possible can be recycled.

Important for the environment and your wallet

With the campaign, we want to let you know what you can do at home for our environment, the environment and future generations. And that separating waste properly ensures lower costs, than if you have a lot of residual waste. Because the less often you present residual waste, the lower the variable part of the annual waste charges will be from 2024 onwards. At least, if you live in Gorinchem, Hardinxveld-Giessendam or Molenlanden. This is because residents of Vijfheerenlanden do not yet get a say in a part of the waste collection levy.

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Test your knowledge with the Waste Separation Quiz

Styrofoam, an empty pizza box or a broken drinking glass. Do you know what belongs in which bin?
Take the quiz and find out what you already know about waste separation.
At the end of the quiz, you will receive tailored advice to increase your knowledge.

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More help & tips

Milieucoaches Ingrid en NellekeMeet our environmental coaches

Preventing waste and separating it properly can be quite a challenge. That is why our environmental coaches are ready to inform and help residents in the best possible way. Our environmental coaches Ingrid and Nelleke are out and about every day. You can encounter them everywhere: on the streets, at meetings and events.

Not sure about something or in doubt? Don't hesitate and ask your question online or when you come across them!
Put your question to our environmental coaches Ingrid and Nelleke

Educatiemedewerker OzanEnvironmental education: raising awareness and changing behaviour among young people

Learned young is done old! This, of course, also applies to reducing waste and separating raw materials properly. That is why our education officer Ozan spends much of his time at the waste-free schools. Here he teaches about resource separation. He also holds talks with management about reducing residual waste. Because sharing knowledge is very important to encourage more understanding and different behaviour.

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Monitoring and enforcement: preventing serious pollution 

Foto handhaving Malou 002

To properly implement the changes around waste collection, supervisors are important. In waste collection, we sometimes come across serious pollution. Think of waste by the containers and dumped waste in public areas. Our supervisors do all they can to combat this. Of course, you can also contact them with your questions about waste and raw materials.