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Today, worldwide, we have already used up all the raw materials that the earth can sustainably produce in one year. As of today, the earth's supply of food and natural resources is diminishing. With our lifestyle in the Netherlands, we should actually already have our national Overshoot Day on 12 April. Find out how you can make a difference.

You too can help!

How? By avoiding unnecessary waste. When waste does arise, we separate it for reuse or recycling. That way, we don't waste raw materials and we don't deplete the earth. We can only do this together.

Deliver textiles separately

Textile collector Sympany is also calling on you to hand in your old textiles separately. That way there is less waste and pollution. As much as 169 million kilos of textiles a year are currently still put in the dustbin and disappear into the incinerator. 'We have to be frugal with our raw materials. This is a huge waste that can be stopped very easily. Even broken and worn textiles can simply be handed in in the textile container,' said the textile collector in our region.

Clean and dry textiles

Recycling is possible if discarded textiles are collected separately from residual waste: clean and dry. One bag of VGF or residual waste in a textile container can make an entire container unsuitable for recycling. Help out and only deliver clean and well-packaged textiles.

More tips and inspiration

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