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Today, the campaign Nice and tidy launched. This campaign alerts residents to the need to reduce residual waste. And encourages you to separate your own waste and important raw materials even better at home. Because less residual waste is important for the environment and your wallet. The campaign contributes to the goal of significantly reducing the amount of residual waste per inhabitant, to no more than 100 kilograms in 2025. This is a reduction of 132 kilograms per person per year compared to 2020. To achieve this, we work together with the municipalities of Gorinchem, Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Molenlanden and Vijfheerenlanden.

Introduction of recycling tariff in 2024

To reduce the amount of residual waste, the municipalities of Gorinchem, Hardinxveld-Giessendam and Molenlanden will introduce the recycling tariff from 1 January 2024. These municipalities will then calculate waste charges in a new way. You will have an influence on the amount of part of the waste disposal charges. A part is fixed and a part is variable. This varying part is called the recycling rate. Do you separate raw materials well and have little residual waste? Then the costs are lower than if you have a lot of residual waste. You pay the recycling rate for each time you present residual waste. The new way of calculating waste charges will not apply to Vijfheerenlanden residents in 2024. The municipalities take into account residents with a lot of medical waste, litter pickers and households with insufficient income.

Onze milieucoach Nelleke helpt u graagLess waste and proper separation means less residual waste

The campaign Nice and tidy should help residents separate their own waste even better to reduce residual waste. Waardlanden director Hans van den Brule said: 'With the campaign, we show that everyone can also do something good at home. Reducing residual waste is necessary to prevent further depletion of raw materials. Because by separating waste even better, we can recycle more raw materials. This is important for the environment and in this way we all help to create a clean and waste-free environment for ourselves and future generations.'

Nice and tidy!

Part of the campaign is the "Waste Separation Quiz". With this online quiz, residents test their knowledge about separating and reducing waste. We also publish blogs and videos with more content on sustainability and practical tips on how to separate waste even better. Would you like to stay up to date and receive useful tips? Then sign up for our e-mail newsletter and follow us on social media. The campaign will be visible offline as well as online. Such as expressions on the streets and on the municipal pages in door-to-door newspapers. And our environmental coaches will be out daily to help and advise on the streets, at meetings and events.

Tips and information

More tips, information and the answers to frequently asked questions about waste separation and the changes around waste collection can be found at