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On Saturday afternoon 15 October, the Ecopark in Groot-Ammers was festively opened. Children's mayor Fedde Linneweever and alderman Johan Quik of the municipality of Molenlanden symbolically cut a circular ribbon made of old pieces of fabric. Groot-Ammers has gained a unique location. Nowhere else in the Netherlands will you find an environmental street with a recycling centre, workshop and education area.

The Ecopark has several functions aimed at reusing and recycling stuff and materials. On arrival, a staff member looks at the cargo and explains what belongs where with advice on the best route. There is a route directly to the 2nd chance building materials depot. There is also a route for rubble and bulky green waste and to the workshop. The final route goes up the steps past the containers where raw materials are collected separately.

There is a special area at the environmental street for items that deserve a 2nd chance. In the workshop, people who need a helping hand work under supervision to repair or make up as many items as possible, such as furniture. For a small fee, repaired items can be taken away again. Donated items are sold in regional thrift shops or in De Gezel's webshop.
Residents can offer 21 types of raw materials at the environmental street, which are recycled. Many of these raw materials go from the environmental street to KoreNet's recycling centre, a few metres away on the same site. Besides raw materials, there is also a stream of residual waste. Through increased reuse and separation, products and materials get a new purpose and less has to go to the incinerator. This is how we work together towards a clean environment and waste-free future.

Festive opening

Hundreds of residents were present at the festive opening. Children's mayor Fedde Linneweever and alderman Johan Quik of Molenlanden municipality, Hans van den Brule, director of Waardlanden and Arie Korevaar, director of the Korevaar Group, reflected on the genesis of the special local cooperation, the functions of the Ecopark and the importance of dealing better with waste streams.

Look behind the scenes

After the official opening, various activities took place on the Ecopark grounds. This gave young and old alike a unique look behind the scenes. Children craft boats from circular materials in the workshop, float in a carousel, view Waardlanden and KoreNet's fleet of vehicles and ride along in a sweeper truck. From the education room, visitors have an impressive view of the Ecopark and discover more about the circular economy.

First-time visitor

Residents can visit the new environmental street at Transportweg 3 from Monday 17 October to hand in items and materials. There is a world of difference between the old environmental street, which has been permanently closed, and the new environmental street. The new waste disposal site has longer opening hours, is grand and cleverly laid out, allowing visitors to move through the waste disposal site easily and quickly. The very first visitor to the new waste disposal site was Jan Boogert. Alex Knippers surprised him with a delicious cream cake on Monday morning. Alex Knippers is the coordinator of the Ecopark.

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