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With the opening of the new environmental street, the Ecopark Groot-Ammers is complete. The Ecopark has several functions aimed at reusing and recycling goods and materials. It consists of a new environmental street, a workshop, a 2nd chance building materials depot, an education area and a recycling centre. Saturday 15 October at noon, children's mayor Fedde Linneweever and alderman John Quik of the Molenlanden municipality will open the Ecopark at Transportweg 3 in Groot-Ammers. Arie Korevaar, director of the Korevaar Group, and Hans van den Brule, director of Waardlanden, will talk about the function and genesis of the special cooperation. All residents are welcome to attend this festive afternoon.

The Ecopark is a powerful collaboration with the aim of working towards a sustainable future. Cooperation partners are the Korevaar Group (NV KoreNet, Netwerk NV and Recycling Centrale Korevaar, 2e Chance building materials depot), Waardlanden, HVC and De Gezel. Waardlanden's old waste disposal site was located on KoreNet's premises for many years. Waardlanden and KoreNet proudly continue the recycling of reusable raw materials at Ecopark Groot-Ammers, together with the other partners. It is a unique location. Nowhere else in the Netherlands is there an environmental street with a recycling station, workshop and education area all together.

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Discover the Ecopark

After the official opening at noon, there will be various activities on the Ecopark grounds from 12.30pm to 4pm. A trail offers young and old alike a unique look behind the scenes. Children can craft a boat from circular materials in the workshop, float in a carousel, check out Waardlanden and KoreNet's fleet of vehicles or ride along in a sweeper truck. From the education room, visitors will have an impressive view of the Ecopark and discover more about the circular economy.

Local, sustainable and waste-free

In line with our vision, we will organise the entire opening as sustainably and waste-free as possible. For example, the 'red ribbon' symbolically cut by the children's mayor at the opening consists of fabric scraps sewn together. The map of the route is printed on fully biodegradable paper, which incorporates flower seeds. And we toast with glasses sourced from the thrift shop with cider or juice made from Millland apples and pears. The glasses go back to the recycling shop after the opening.

A local barista serves fair trade coffee and tea in biodegradable and compostable cups. Afterwards, fill the cup with composted soil and an organic flower bulb to take home. At home, plant the flower bulb with the cup directly in the garden or flowerpot. We offer all coffee waste for recycling to various parties, including allotments, oyster mushroom farms and nature monuments.

During the opening on Saturday 15 October, you will not yet be able to bring items to the eco-park. From Monday 17 October, the Ecopark will be open from 8.30am for bringing discarded goods and materials.

The waste transfer station currently at Gelkenes Industrial Estate in Groot-Ammers will be closed from Thursday, October 13.

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