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There will be changes around waste collection in the coming period. Together with the municipalities, Waardlanden is implementing the changes step by step. Residents of Boven-Hardinxveld will be the first to receive an environmental pass in their letterbox this week. From 17 April, the collection containers for residual waste in Boven-Hardinxveld will be closed. In this part of the municipality, the containers can then only be opened with the environment pass. An important change with which the municipality also wants to combat waste tourism.

Other Hardinxveld-Giessendam residents receive environmental pass later

Other residents in the built-up area in Hardinxveld-Giessendam municipality will receive the environmental pass a week later. From 24 April, the other collection containers for residual waste in Hardinxveld-Giessendam will then also be closed. Anyone living in a flat, flat or upstairs flat in Hardinxveld-Giessendam will also use the pass to open the new VGF containers in this municipality.

After Hardinxveld-Giessendam, residents of Gorinchem receive the environment pass

In May, it will be Gorinchem's turn. Residents of Gorinchem-Oost will receive a letter with the environmental pass on 8 May. Gorinchem-East also includes Dalem and the neighbourhoods Laag-Dalem, Hoog-Dalem Wijdschild and the Binnenstad. From 15 May onwards, we will close the collection containers for residual waste in this part of Gorinchem. The containers can then be opened with the environmental pass. Residents of Gorinchem-West will receive a letter with the environmental card on 15 May. In the Gildenwijk, Haarwijk, Lingewijk and Stalkaarsen, the collection containers for residual waste will be closed from 22 May.

Gorinchem will be followed by Vijfheerenlanden and, finally, Molenlanden. Companies with a contract at Waardlanden Cleaning Company BV will also receive an environmental pass in the coming period.

Residents outside area get environmental pass during 2023

All residents of outlying areas in the four municipalities will have received a new residual waste container at their homes by autumn 2022. After the residual waste collection containers in their municipality are closed, they will no longer be able to use them. During 2023, they will also receive an environmental pass. The pass will then be needed for access to Waardlanden's waste collection points.

Less residual waste through better separation

The environmental card is part of the new waste and raw materials policy of the municipalities of Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Gorinchem, Molenlanden and Vijfheerenlanden. This policy was adopted in 2021. The policy plan sets out how the municipalities, together with Waardlanden, intend to reduce the amount of residual waste from 232 kilograms in 2020 to 100 kilograms per person per year in 2025. To achieve this goal, waste must be better separated.

Important for the environment and your wallet

If we do nothing to reduce the amount of residual waste, the costs of collecting and processing waste and raw materials will increase in the coming years. Because, for instance, residual waste processing fees and central government taxes will continue to rise. With the new policy, we try to keep the costs per inhabitant manageable. Less residual waste is therefore important for both the environment and your wallet.

Moreover, the national goal is to have zero residual waste by 2050. All waste should be reprocessable into raw materials by then, and preferably even sooner. If we avoid residual waste and reuse more, we will need to extract fewer new materials from the earth. Because everything we burn is gone forever and cannot be reused.

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