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Residents of the Lingebolder are a familiar sight in Leerdam. They have long enjoyed collecting various commodities door-to-door. These activities are very important and meaningful for the residents. They come into contact with neighbours and, together with the residents of Leerdam, contribute to a clean living environment. We appreciate that enormously.

Lingebolder residents no longer collect pmd

This week we will send Leerdam residents the environmental pass with an explanation on how to use the pass. From 23 October 2023, the collection containers for residual waste will close in Leerdam and elsewhere. You can then open the residual waste containers using the environment pass. Residents of the Vijfheerenlanden municipality will not have to pay separately for this. The collection containers for plastic packaging, metal packaging and drink cartons (pmd) will disappear. Residents without a pmd container at home will dispose of pmd and residual waste together after 23 October in the collection container for residual waste in the neighbourhood. This waste will be collected separately and later sorted by machines.

Due to this change, residents of the Lingebolder will no longer collect pmd door-to-door after 23 October. They will still be happy to collect deposit bottles, deposit cans, other cans and plastic caps from you. They collect these for charity. They are also happy to collect glass, batteries, textiles and candle (remains) for you. Other materials such as paper and cardboard, vegetable, fruit and garden waste and food waste can still be separated and disposed of in the Waardlanden containers near your home or in the collection containers in your neighbourhood.

Start collection  devices

Residents of the Lingebolder will collect small electrical household appliances and video and sound equipment from their homes from November 1, 2023. The appliances should not be larger than the size of a coffee maker. Such as an electric toothbrush, blender, hairdryer, iron, DVD player, drill and extension cords. Very dirty appliances, such as a (full) frying pan and appliances with sharp parts, such as broken glass, will not be included. Appliances collected by residents of the Lingebolder go to Kringloopwinkel Opnieuw & Co in Leerdam. Does your appliance still work? Please let us know at the time of collection. Opnieuw & Co will then ensure that the appliance is reused.

Collection moments residents Lingebolder

Lingebolder residents collect appliances at home at the same time as other commodities. The table below shows on what day and where Lingebolder residents collect raw materials from home.











 Van hoevenstraat 


 Vogelzang Street

 Van Aalstraat


  Prince Henry Street

  Juliana Street




    North Shore

    Mountain Street

 Nieuwstraat Westwal


 High Street


 Princess Irene Street

 Princess Margriet Street



 Count Adolf Street


 Rue St. John



   Hendrik van Nassaustraat

   Louis of Nassau Street

 Old Schaik





There are more changes around waste collection in the coming period. You may have questions about the changes. This is understandable. That is why you will find here more information and answers to frequently asked questions on the changes around waste collection.