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This week, our supplier DVL changes Environment topples final residual waste containers in outlying area. Do you live outside the built-up area or on the outskirts of your municipality? If so, you now have a new residual waste container with chip.

Testing readouts

During the collection rounds of residual waste, we test the special readers in our trucks. We use this reader to read the chip in the new residual waste containers. Once the tests are positive, we adapt the special readers in our trucks. From then on, the equipment will refuse a residual waste container without a chip or with a broken chip. We cannot then empty the container. If your new container gives problems, our driver will attach a card to the container asking you to report the container broken in the Waardlanden App or at That way, we can make an appointment to exchange the container.


There are more changes around waste in the coming period. Many residents have questions about these changes. This is understandable. What might change depends on where you live. Check for more information