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Make a creative and attractive object from used materials or waste to make people aware of the challenges of a circular economy. With this assignment, students from the Technasium of Fortes Lyceum set to work. Today, they are presenting the final result to our environmental coach Nelleke.

'The waste mountain in the Netherlands is growing enormously. People nowadays quickly throw something away and buy something new. That's how we throw away important raw materials. We have to realise this together and do something about it,' Nelleke stresses. That is why it is important that we also make children aware of their place in the world. And what our existence does to that world. A school project on waste and circular economy helps with this.'

Fortes Festival exhibition and final presentation

The children from the second class of the Fortes Technasium worked for several weeks on this school project with Waardlanden as client. Teachers Bianca Stalenhoef and Dave Jansen, together with Perry Sporken of De Gezel, guided the pupils in the assignment. The Companion is an unsubsidised non-profit organisation in Gorinchem. Here, discarded and unwanted furniture is brought back to life.

Bianca Stalenhoef says: 'The students enthusiastically set to work in 12 groups. The assignment consisted of several parts. They looked at how recycling centres work, searched for special initiatives to separate and combat waste and made a creative object from discarded material. The results are impressive!

Milieucoach NellekeDuring the Fortes Festival last weekend, there was an exhibition of all the objects. And today the groups present the final product to environmental coach Nelleke: 'Fantastic to see how the assignment has raised awareness among these pupils. They really thought about the question: what is waste and what is a raw material?'

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