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Less waste is important for the environment, our surroundings, future generations and for your wallet. To encourage waste separation and reduce the amount of residual waste, the municipalities and Waardlanden have drawn up a new waste and raw materials policy. This policy will bring about changes in the coming period. Preventing and properly separating waste can be quite a challenge. That is why our environmental coaches and supervisors are ready to inform and help residents to reduce their residual waste and separate it (even) better where necessary.

Waste prevention and separation

There are many questions and ideas among residents about waste prevention and separation. This is understandable. Our environmental coaches Ingrid Lopulalan (left in the picture) and Nelleke Gouw (right in the picture) educate residents and inform them about good waste separation. in the neighbourhood. They are present in the neighbourhood, at meetings and events. This helps to improve the quality of the raw materials collected. The environmental coaches are in contact with residents and civil society organisations in the municipalities. They answer questions and give tips and advice on everything concerning waste separation. So do you not know something or are you in doubt? Do not hesitate and ask your question online or when you meet the environmental coaches.

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Preventing serious pollution

To properly implement waste collection changes, supervisors are important. When collecting waste, our employees sometimes come across serious pollution. Such as rubbish by the underground containers and dumped waste in public areas. We want to counter this with the arrival of supervisors. They have therefore been employed by Waardlanden since 1 March 2023. The supervisors are easy to approach and are ready to answer questions about the new waste policy. During rounds in the neighbourhoods, they educate residents and enter into dialogue with them as soon as they notice pollution.


If problems persist in neighbourhoods, supervisors will proceed to apply urgent administrative coercion. The amount is set at € 206.50 per violation. Our supervisors can be recognised by their blue uniform and a Waardlanden car.

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From 232 kilograms to a maximum of 100 kilograms per person per year

In the coming years, we will work even harder to reduce residual waste. We want to go from 232 kilograms in 2020 to 100 kilograms per person per year in 2025. Some 70 per cent of our waste contains valuable raw materials and is suitable for recycling. This is important because there are fewer and fewer raw materials. With more reuse, we need to extract fewer new materials from the earth. And less residual waste remains that we have to have incinerated at high cost. That is better for the environment and for your wallet. Find out more at

Use the separation guide

Do you ever doubt which bin a product or material belongs in? The separation guide helps! So you always have all the information you need on waste and resources to hand.