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Have you seen them yet? New ashtrays have been installed in Gorinchem to tackle the problem of cigarette butts on the streets. Together with the municipality, we introduced these new ashtrays to improve the streetscape.

Butts are still the most commonly found litter. And unfortunately, too few smokers still know how harmful a cigarette butt is. Especially if it also contains a filter with microplastics. What we also know is that tackling litter always starts with providing the 'opportunity' to dispose of your waste. That is why we placed special cigarette bins in Gorinchem this spring

'The new ashtrays really help!'

Discarding cigarette butts on the street is not only bad for the environment, but it also looks messy. The new ashtrays therefore offer a solution to this problem. Last year, 30 of them were bought as a pilot for the inner city of Gorinchem. And we see results! These new ashtrays really help. We empty them almost every day and often they are at least half full by then,' says John. The ashtrays are well used and there are far fewer butts on the ground around the bins with ashtrays.

The new ashtrays can be found at various locations around the city, such as at catering establishments and busy traffic squares. These strategic locations will make it easier for smokers to dispose of their butts responsibly. Let us all ensure a cleaner streetscape and make use of these new ashtrays.

Zakasbak voor horecaSack bins for the catering industry

In addition to this great initiative, pocket ashtrays (pictured) will be handed out to catering establishment owners who complain about the amount of cigarette butts in front of their doors. These can then be handed out by the catering owners to their smoking visitors. So: cigarette butt in your pocket, in the bin at home! The ashtrays can be requested from the environmental coaches via: