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86% of the paper and cardboard made in our country consists of waste paper. Thanks to recycling, there is less CO2-emissions and waste. And energy and water are saved. Recycling also saves many raw materials: 1,000 kg of waste paper saves over 3 trees.

Well: clean and dry

Clean, dry paper may go in the paper bin: newspapers, magazines, boxes and cartons, envelopes and paper padding. You can leave staples and a bit of sticky tape. If the paper is tearable, there is no plastic on it and it can go in the paper container.

Not: dirty and greasy

Something should not go with the waste paper if it is dirty or greasy from food residues, such as boxes of takeaway pizzas and cakes, frozen packaging. Wallpaper is also not allowed. Residual waste and pmd Not in the paper container. Because you can't make paper out of that.

Paper in residual waste is not recycled but burnt and lost forever. Therefore, put waste paper in the paper container. We will make sure it is recycled.