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In the Week of Waste Heroes we organised all kinds of activities for our employees and to involve residents in a positive way in our important work.

Aftermovie Week of Waste Heroes 2024

It is great to see how much appreciation there is for our Heroes. In the aftermovie, we look back at all the highlights of the week. Take a look

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Activities Week of Waste Heroes

It was a jam-packed week full of appreciation and attention:

  • We thanked our Heroes and put them in the extra spotlight. They enjoyed delicious treats and beautiful gifts
  • We thanked our region's many litter pickers with a nice postcard
  • Our Waste Heroes were honoured with several visits:
    • Board members spent a half-day on the trolleys and environmental sites
    • We were visited by Reinie Melissant, the mayor of the municipality of Gorinchem. She thanked the Heroes present for their commitment and work in her city and the region
    • NVRD visited the Heroes of the Ecopark
  • We were featured on Radio Rijnmond where the 5 most special songs of our Heroes were played
  • We organised four successful Meet & Greets. Visitors took a look inside the wagons and got behind the wheel of wagons they see driving through the streets every week. The sweeper cars did not stand still. The rides were a big hit with our youngest fans, who rode along in admiration and feasted their eyes. The enthusiastic Waste Heroes present at the Meet & Greets told proudly about their work and their trucks.
  • We engaged with residents about our Heroes
  • Residents organised clean-up campaigns

Winners win campaign for youngest fans

That our Waste Heroes deserve a thumbs up is evident from the lovely comments, crafts and drawings we received. From all the crafts and drawings, our very own Waste Heroes eventually chose 4 winners:

🏆 7-year-old Jelte from group 4 of the Klim-Op from Hoornaar
🏆 6-year-old Stijn from group 3 at Jenaplan school De Wilgenhoek in Leerdam
🏆 7-year-old Elyve from group 4 of Samen op Weg from Hoornaar
🏆 7-year-old David and 8-year-old Sophie from Hardinxveld-Giessendam

Congratulations on your prizes won! We will contact the winners to make an appointment to hand over the prizes. The Waste Heroes will visit each prize winner at their school. There, they will present the prize in front of the whole class in a fun way.