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The time has finally come on 1 April. After deposits on plastic bottles led to a reduction of up to 70% of plastic bottles in nature, it is now cans' turn.

Deposits work. This is evident from the large reduction in the number of plastic bottles in nature. After a delay, deposits will also be levied on cans from 1 April: 15 cents per can. Return the cans where you bought them, such as the supermarket or petrol station, and you will get your 15 cents back. Nature will thank you for it.

Sports associations beware!

As is the case for deposits on plastic bottles, there will also be a special scheme for cans. is working on this scheme. The idea is that sports associations can apply for so-called donation boxes. Members and visitors can throw their empty cans into these and the deposit is for the club's coffers. The sports associations and will inform sports clubs further about this. If you are a member of a sports club: please raise the issue, because in the end it will benefit the club's finances and nature.