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About 10 times a month, Waardlanden helps residents who have accidentally discarded personal items in a collection container. Think wallets, phones, keys and cuddly toys. From 1 July, there will be a charge for this service.

€ 150.00 per emergency emptying

Waardlanden has some 1,500 collection containers for the collection of residual waste and raw materials in the four municipalities. Trying to find items in one of these collection containers is time-consuming and costly. We would like to help you find only really valuable and valuable items in the collection containers. Therefore, from 1 July we will charge € 150 per emergency emptying. 

What can you do if personal items have ended up in the collection container?

Have you accidentally dropped valuable personal items in a collection container? Please call our customer contact centre as soon as possible: 0183 68 11 11. When reporting this, please give the number and location of the collection container.

If the container has not yet been emptied, we can make an appointment to empty it in front of you. This way, you can look for your belongings yourself. We can make the appointment with you on working days between 8.30am and 5pm. Outside these days and times, this is not possible. The cost for an emergency emptying is €150.00. You pay the fee for this emergency emptying in advance by pin.

We cannot guarantee that you will recover your belongings. The cost of emergency emptying will then not be refunded.