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When collecting waste, our staff regularly come across serious pollution. Such as by-placements of waste at collection containers and dumped waste in public areas. Sinsince the introduction of the environmental card, there are even more flytipping incidents in certain areas. To ensure clean and safe public spaces, we address residents. If disposal behaviour does not eventually improve, our supervisors will resort to applying urgent administrative enforcement.

Our Supervision & Enforcement team has received many reports of waste dumping since the closure of the collection containers in Gorinchem and Hardinxveld-Giessendam. It is important to clear these up as soon as possible. After all, waste dumping is bad for a neighbourhood's safety and public health. And it also looks very dirty.

Visible in the neighbourhoods

Over the past few weeks, our environmental coaches and supervisors had many conversations with residents about the delivery rules and the new waste policy. They were also able to help residents who had problems with their environmental card. And they spoke to entrepreneurs, because commercial waste does not belong in our collection containers.

Supervisors move to urgent administrative order

After an intensive period of monitoring the streets, informing and alerting, our supervisors will start from 12 June proceed to apply urgent administrative coercion if residents' offering behaviour does not improve. The cost of this is set at €206.50 per violation. Enforcement on waste and raw materials collection is not done lightly. There is always a reason for it. For each situation, our supervisors assess what form of enforcement is needed. This can be done by providing information, issuing warnings and resorting to emergency administrative enforcement.

What is urgent administrative order?

We apply urgent administrative enforcement. We charge for the cost of removing the waste and thus eliminating the unsafe and unhealthy situation. The advantage is that the environment is left clean, as pollution is cleaned up immediately. If there are witnesses to the placing of the waste, our supervisors will talk to them. In that case, the supervisors conduct neighbourhood investigations.

When do supervisors proceed with urgent administrative enforcement?

Supervision focuses mainly on adding waste to the collection containers or dumping waste in public areas. Repeated littering of containers can also lead to urgent administrative enforcement.

Use the separation guide

Do you ever doubt which bin a product or material belongs in? The separation guide and the Waardlanden app help with this. This way, you always have all information on waste and raw materials at hand.

Do you have a question about Supervision and Enforcement?

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