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During the collection rounds of residual waste in the outlying area, we started testing the new reading equipment in our trucks. With this equipment, we read the chip in the new residual waste containers.

Registration container emptied

The chip in the new containers has a unique number linked to an address. There is no other personal information on this. The rubbish truck reads the chip when emptying the container. This allows us to register which addresses and how often we have emptied the residual waste container with chip. The test also gives us insight into where old residual waste containers without a chip have been presented. During the test, the equipment is set to empty these containers as usual.

Residual waste containers without chip or with broken chip will be refused

Our supplier DVL is currently still busy with the exchange of the residual waste containers. Once all new containers have been delivered, we will adapt the special reading equipment in our trucks. From then on, the equipment will refuse a residual waste container without a chip or with a broken chip. We can then no longer empty the container. If your new container causes problems, our driver will attach a card to the container asking you to report the broken container in the Waardlanden App or on That way, we can make an appointment to exchange the container.


Swapping residual waste containers and registering the emptying of residual waste containers with chip is part of the introduction of the new waste and resources policy. Many residents have questions. This is understandable. That is why we post answers to frequently asked questions on our website.

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