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In the coming period, there will be changes around waste collection in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Gorinchem, Vijfheerenlanden and Molenlanden. Together with the municipalities, we want to encourage and help all residents to dispose of less residual waste and separate (even) better. What will change for you depends on your living situation. The changes will be implemented step by step in each municipality. After Hardinxveld-Giessendam, we will also start in the municipality of Gorinchem.  

Do you live in the built-up area of Gorinchem? If so, we will send you a letter this week explaining why we are making these changes. And we will tell you that you will receive the environmental pass in May.  

Step by step 

Residents of Gorinchem-Oost will receive a letter with the environmental pass on 8 May. Gorinchem-Oost also includes Dalem and the neighbourhoods Laag-Dalem, Hoog-Dalem Wijdschild and Binnenstad. From 15 May, we will close the collection containers for residual waste in this part of Gorinchem. An important change with which we will also combat waste tourism. If you live in a flat, flat or upstairs flat, you can also use your pass to open the new VGF containers.  

Residents of Gorinchem-West will be sent this letter with the environmental pass on 15 May. In the Gildenwijk, Haarwijk, Lingewijk and Stalkaarsen districts, the collection containers for residual waste will then be closed from 22 May.  

Gorinchem will be followed by Vijfheerenlanden and, finally, Molenlanden. Businesses with a contract with Waardlanden Reinigingsbedrijf BV will also receive an environment pass in the coming period.   


We can imagine that, like many other residents, you have questions about the changes. This is understandable. That is why you will find more information and answers on our website at frequently asked questions.