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As temperatures drop and it freezes severely at night, waste can freeze in your container. This is a particular risk with VGF waste. The waste then does not fall out of your container, or only partially, when we tip it over above the trolley. Coming back is impossible and also pointless, because the container remains frozen. This is annoying, especially if the container is already quite full. Therefore, check that the flap is not frozen and poke some loose waste yourself before offering the container. 

10 tips to avoid a frozen valve or frozen waste

  1. In case of frost, hold the lid of your container slightly open with a stick or piece of cardboard.
  2. Smear some Vaseline on the rim of your container. This will prevent the lid from freezing.
  3. Put the container in a sheltered place during frost.
  4. Put newspaper or a layer of sawdust underneath in container.
  5. Leaf litter has a lot of moisture. During the time of frost, throw as little leaf and garden waste as possible into the container or do so only just before you want it emptied.
  6. Put the waste in the container as dry as possible.
  7. Mix GFT waste that is very wet with drier GFT waste.
  8. Loosen frozen waste on the inside of the container before putting it on the road.
  9. Do not push/stomp the waste too hard, otherwise the waste will freeze together.
  10. Only put your container on the street before 7.30 in the morning.

If you still have room in the container, you can also choose not to offer the container again until the next time.