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Together with textile collector Sympany, we ask you to dispose of your discarded textiles properly. Because as much as 55% of textiles are unfortunately still thrown away with residual waste and disappear into the incinerator. This is unfortunate and of course not the intention.

Give your textiles a new lease of life

Sympany - Tijd om je kledingkast op te ruimenOver the next few weeks, many people will be cleaning out their closets. Do you have textiles you no longer wear and use yourself? Then don't throw it in the rubbish. But give it a new life. You can bring these textiles to one of our recycling centres or throw them in a special collection container for textiles in your neighbourhood. Worn and broken fabrics can also go there. Clothes, shoes, jackets, bags, sheets, towels, curtains and even cuddly toys are welcome.
Of course, you can also give or sell reusable textiles to someone else. Or bring it to the Circle Square, the thrift shop Or the gift shop.

Most sustainable solution for your textiles

At Sympany, the collected textiles are sorted and prepared for the next phase. Most (around 73%) of the collected textiles can be reused. This is the most sustainable solution. The rest of the textiles follow the recycling route. From this, new yarns or insulation materials, for example, are made.

Help out and return textiles clean and dry

Textiles are a major environmental burden. When textiles are disposed of incorrectly, we waste a lot of precious resources. Collecting textiles separately and reusing them is best for our planet. Do put your textiles clean and dry in a sealed plastic bag so the textiles don't get wet. Are you unsure whether or not a material is allowed in the textile container? Then check Or consult the separation guide on our website or in the Waardlanden app.