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Alderman Arco Bikker of the municipality of Molenlanden officially opened Kringloopplein in Nieuw-Lekkerland on Thursday 13 January by cutting a ribbon. In doing so, he emphasised that a great need has now been met: "It has been a long-cherished wish to have a collection location in Nieuw-Lekkerland. It is nice how social and circular initiatives have found each other and everything has come together in recent months."

The first official visitor was positively surprised by the possibilities offered by the Kringloop Square and said he would come back soon because he "heard he could put a lot more here. Alderman Bikker added that he has so far received purely positive feedback about the Kringlooplein.

Hans van den Brule, director of Waardlanden, thanked all involved for their efforts over the past period to realise the Kringloopplein.

The Kringloopplein is a drop-off location for discarded household goods such as furniture, electrical appliances and other reusable goods and materials. Staff and volunteers of the Kringloopplein sort the goods received and select as many products and materials as possible that, possibly after minor processing, can be used again via the recycling shop. Goods that turn out not to be useful are dismantled and disposed of separately wherever possible.

Residents of Molenlanden municipality therefore now have plenty of choice because for large flows of reusable materials, raw materials and waste, they can of course still go to Waardlanden's environmental centres.

Everyone who visits the Kringloopplein until 31 January 2022 and drops off reusable goods there will receive a small handmade gift made of circular material.